Graduate Students

Arpit Dua's picture Arpit Dua
Graduate Student

I am currently working on topics in the area of topological quantum computing. You can find our recent work on defects in Toric code here :- . A subsequent work with the abstract as mentioned here :- will be uploaded soon on arxiv

Stefan Krastanov's picture Stefan Krastanov
Graduate Student

Graduated High School of Math and Science, Burgas, Bulgaria in 2008. Obtained B.Sc. and M.Sc. from ENS Lyon, France in 2013. Enjoys ice cream.

Linshu Li's picture Linshu Li
Graduate Student

Linshu was born in Xi’an, a historic city in China. He received his undergraduate degree in Physics at Nanjing University, where he studied surface plasmon and whispering gallery modes, and won the outstanding graduate award. At Yale, Linshu is now working on novel quantum error correcting codes, long distance quantum communication and quantum networks. He likes badminton, skiing and American politics in his leisure time.

Kyungjoo Noh's picture Kyungjoo Noh
Graduate Student

Kyungjoo was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated from Seoul National University with a B.Sc. in physics. While in SNU, he worked with Uwe R. Fischer on the dynamics of open quantum systems and quantum thermalization. He came to Yale in 2015, and have worked on the simulation of Lindbladian dissipative dynamics with Liang Jiang. Currently, he is interested in the physics of localization.

Mengzhen Zhang's picture Mengzhen Zhang
Graduate Student

Connor Hann's picture Connor Hann
Graduate School Student

Connor received a B.S. in physics and a minor in mathematics from Duke University, where he studied quantum Monte Carlo methods as well as mathematical models of quasicrystals. He joined Yale’s physics department as a PhD student in 2016, and has since been working with Liang Jiang on robust qubit readout and quantum RAM. He is originally from Virigina and enjoys hiking and running in his spare time.

Sisi Zhou's picture Sisi Zhou
Graduate Student

Sisi was born and raised in Nanjing, China. She graduated from Nanjing University with a B.Sc. in physics. During her undergraduate years, she worked on quantum measurements, quantum walks and Hamiltonian simulation. She joined the Physics Ph.D. program at Yale in 2016, and is currently working on quantum metrology and quantum error correction.