Holonomic Quantum Control with Continuous Variable Systems

Wigner function, phase space diagram, Bloch sphere representation of holonomic control of quantum inforamtion encoded in the oscillator
April 7, 2016

Our paper titled “Holonomic Quantum Control with Continuous Variable Systems” is published in PRL.

Universal computation of a quantum system consisting of superpositions of well-separated coherent states of multiple harmonic oscillators can be achieved by three families of adiabatic holonomic gates. The first gate consists of moving a coherent state around a closed path in phase space, resulting in a relative Berry phase between that state and the other states. The second gate consists of “colliding” two coherent states of the same oscillator, resulting in coherent population transfer between them. The third gate is an effective controlled-phase gate on coherent states of two different oscillators. Such gates should be realizable via reservoir engineering of systems that support tunable nonlinearities, such as trapped ions and circuit QED.

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