Jiang Group

Welcome to the Jiang Group at Applied Physics, Yale University.

We investigate quantum systems and explore applications of quantum information technology.


July 20, 2016
Yale Researchers have crossed the “break even” point in preserving a bit of quantum information for longer than the lifetime of its constituent parts, as published in Nature...
A Schrödinger Cat in Two Boxes
May 27, 2016
In collaboration with Rob Schoelkopf’s group, our work on “A Schrödinger cat living in two boxes” is published in Science. Quantum superpositions of distinct coherent states...
Wigner function, phase space diagram, Bloch sphere representation of holonomic control of quantum inforamtion encoded in the oscillator
April 7, 2016
Our paper titled “Holonomic Quantum Control with Continuous Variable Systems” is published in PRL. Universal computation of a quantum system consisting of superpositions of...